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Overland Vehicle Outfitters, a specialty 4-wheel drive parts and services retail store, was founded by Richard and Regina Miller in April 2005 for the purpose of sharing our passion for four-wheel drive vehicles, love of the outdoors, and interest in promoting responsible off-highway recreation.  With more than 20 years experience modifying, building and enjoying 4x4 vehicles, we built a company offering extensive experience and product knowledge to the enthusiast market.  After 7 years in business we made the decision, for a number of reasons, to close up shop and pursue other career interests.  Our love of capable 4x4 vehicles and exploring the outdoors, however, has never wavered.  Since we spent a great deal of time and effort building the OVO brand, we decided to re-purpose the website to provide information, ideas, resources, and (hopefully) inspiration for your own 4x4 project.

Our personal approach to vehicle selection and build-up is straightforward.  There's a plethora of quality aftermarket parts available to today's four-wheel drive enthusiast to accommodate every skill level, budget, and trail-rating preference.  In fact, it can be a little overwhelming when trying to determine the best components to meet your needs.  Far too often we've heard the regrets of enthusiasts who purchase a vehicle, component, or accessory based on a current trend, to achieve a certain 'look', or based on the well-intentioned advice of a friend.  The purchase often involves a substantial investment, which compounds the remorse when the result doesn't meet expectations.  We believe there are a number of factors to consider when selecting a build-up strategy including budget, needs, preferences, intended use of the vehicle, and upgradability.  By taking the time to consider these factors, you'll end up with a vehicle that will exceed your expectations.

We prefer dual-purpose vehicles that can be driven as daily commuters and can still get you through the tough weekend trails.  There is plenty of focus on hard-core trail vehicles, but it seems that in the midst of 40" tires, full-size axle swaps, and custom tube-frame fabrication, there is much less attention shown to the average enthusiast whose weekend adventure vehicle also needs to get him to work on Monday.  That's what we've always driven, so that's what we know and love.
To us, daily driven vehicles with practical real world modifications are the realm of the adventure seeking four-wheel drive enthusiast.  If you've got questions or if you'd like advise or recommendations on building your 4x4, email us at rmiller@ovoonline.com.

E-mail us at:  rmiller@ovoonline.com

Overland Vehicle Outfitters
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