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The criteria we use to select parts for our own vehicles is simple: we look for products that are functional, that enhance vehicle performance, are durable, and look good.  It's wise to select brands from manufacturers in the 4-wheel drive industry that have proven reputations and stand behind their products.  And that doesn't mean just the big-name corporate giants.

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Wheels & Tires
Your wheels and tires are the only thing connecting your vehicle with the earth beneath, making them a critical factor in 4x4 performance.  Choosing the right wheel is much more than a question of aesthetics; material, construction, finish, weight, load capacity, size, and backspacing all play a part in how your 4x4 performs.  Tires may well be the single most important modification you make to your vehicle, so it's worthwhile to consider a number of key characteristics before making your decision.  Size, tread pattern, construction, load range, and tread life combine to determine how a tire performs in various conditions.  From a mild all-terrain design to an ultra-aggressive off-road tire, there's a tire out there to meet your specific needs.  The list below contains links to manufacturer sites for some of our favorite brands of tires and wheels. 



Suspension & Steering
Suspension technology has seen some tremendous innovations over the past couple of decades.  Dual-rate springs, adjustable and remote reservoir shocks, hydraulic assist steering, non-disconnect sway bar systems, and coil conversion kits all help to keep your tires in contact with the ground and rolling where you want them.  Off-pavement, traction is everything and that means a suspension that conforms to the obstacles you throw at it.  If your 4x4 is also your daily driver, you don't want to compromise handling and performance on the street - and you don't have to!  Check out the following links to our favorite suspension manufacturers' sites. 



The assortment of aftermarket performance products for your vehicle is truly astounding.  These products are less about speed and more about power, torque, fuel efficiency, reliability, and longevity.  Helping your engine breathe more efficiently is the single best way to increase horsepower and torque production.  Add to that stronger and more efficient spark and fuel delivery, and you'll be amazed at the results.  An unexpected but welcome side-effect from a more efficient engine is cleaner emissions and better mileage.  (Who couldn't use a break at the pump these days?)  Exhaust headers, free-flow exhaust systems, high-flow air filters and intakes, ignition upgrades, computer chips and programmers can all help your engine run at peak efficiency.  The list below contains links to manufacturer sites for a few of our favorite brands of performance products. 



The drivetrain is the heart of your vehicle's mobility.  Engine, transmission, transfer-case, driveshafts, axle assemblies; if something fails here you could be stranded a long way off the beaten path.  So it makes sense to perform component upgrades to support the way you use your vehicle.  Stronger axles, traction aids and upgraded u-joints are good insurance for getting you back under your own power.  A good rule of thumb is to replace a failed stock component with a stronger aftermarket part.  The links below will direct you to a few of the top manufacturers' sites for more product information.



A day on the trail can be rough on even the most hardy adventurer.  Products that increase your comfort, protect your interior, secure your valuables, and locate important components close at hand can help you squeeze the maximum enjoyment out of each trip.  The links below will point you to manufacturers' sites for some functional products. 



By installing a few well chosen products on the exterior of your 4x4 vehicle, you can significantly increase its capabilities.  Utility racks, skidplates, rocker protection, tops, bed rails, side steps, hitches, lighting, bumpers and brushguards all contribute to safety, protection, and utility.  If you have a need, chances are there's a quality aftermarket product to satisfy it.  Check out the manufacturers' links below for a sampling of some proven products. 



Recovery Equipment
In a perfect world, if you build your 4x4 properly you'd never get stuck.  Truth is, even the most well-built vehicle gets stuck if you venture often enough into the backcountry.  For self-recovery, there's no substitute for a potent winch to extract yourself or a fellow adventurer from a nasty "stuck".  A good winch can also be a very practical addition, especially for vehicles employed in farming, ranching, construction, or emergency services.  There are a few other invaluable recovery tools as well, such as a Hi-Lift jack, snatch strap, tree-saver strap, D-ring shackles, shovel and winch anchor.  The links below will connect you to some top manufacturers' sites for product details.



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