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The key to your vehicle's longevity and reliability is preventative maintenance.  While this is true for any vehicle, it's especially applicable for your favorite weekend-adventure 4x4.  Deep mud and water crossings take their toll on greasable joints and drivetrain components.  Tough terrain, high torque loads, and lots of traction (or lack thereof) can wreak havoc on neglected components.  A simple oil change and chassis lube is automotive R&R for your hard-working engine, but what about the rest of your vehicle?  When's the last time you changed (or even checked) your transmission fluid?  Transfer-case fluid?  Gear oil in your front and rear differentials?  These components are no less important than your engine, and ignoring the required maintenance can be a very costly mistake.  Be aware that certain conditions like towing, hauling and off-pavement driving can increase the rate of wear on your 4x4 vehicle's critical components.  Select the appropriate maintenance schedule for the way you use your vehicle and consistently adhere to the service intervals. 




Let's face it, even the most meticulously maintained 4x4 will need repair work at some point.  U-joints need replacement; starters, water pumps, and exhaust systems all throw in the towel.  If you use your vehicle off-pavement, for towing, or to haul heavy loads you may significantly increase wear to critical components of your vehicle.  When something does break, our recommendation is to upgrade the part if possible - this is a great way to steadily increase your vehicle's strength over time.  A basic repair manual (Chilton's or Haynes) is a necessity, but there's no substitute for a factory service manual.  These can be pretty pricey, but if you plan to keep your vehicle for a number of years, it's worth the investment.  You can generally find used manuals (eBay Motors is a good source) at a deep discount.  Also, utilize the Internet as a resource - you'd be surprised at what we enthusiasts will take the time to document and publish to the web for the sake of other gearheads, often with step by step instructions and pictures!



Finding a trustworthy shop for service and repair can be tough.  ATS Transmissions Inc., located at 14465 US Highway 36, Marysville, OH 43040 (click here for Google Maps), has a well-deserved reputation for integrity, outstanding service quality, and customer satisfaction.  ATS has been in business for over 30 years serving the central Ohio area.  Owner Bill McComas has put together a knowledgeable and highly skilled service crew to staff his fully equipped shop.  ATS even offers vehicle transportation services with a rollback car hauler.  You can contact ATS at 937-644-4297. 







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